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California's First Mobile Meat Harvesting Unit

Creating a Sustainable Local Meat System

Mobile Meat UnitModerator: Kim Pasciuto, Central Coast Ag Network Panelists: Coco Collellmo, Central Coast Ag Coop/Fair Oaks Ranch Grass Fed Beef and Laird Foshay, J&R Meats/Adelaida Springs Ranch

Many of us believe in buying local, including meat when available. The problem has been finding high-quality, truly local meat, that has not traveled great distances for processing. This panel will discuss the creation of the first ever (in California) local meat system using a mobile meat-harvesting unit, which could not only increase the availability of high quality FDA-certified local meat, but could also reduce costs to local ranchers and lessen the carbon footprint of each processed animal. From conceptualization to funding, construction and implementation and the relationships that were created along the way, we celebrate this historic milestone in building a sustainable local food system.

Coco CollellmoCoco Collellmo has been actively involved in agriculture since 1959 and owns and operates Fair Oaks Angus Ranch,  her family cattle ranch, in Paso Robles.  The ranch sells locally raised grass fed beef and has developed a forage-based Angus herd as a seed stock producer. Coco was a member of the original Home Grown Meats who pioneered the research grants and construction of the Mobil Harvest Unit.  A founding member of Central Coast Agriculture Cooperative and current board member, she has maintained a central role in bringing the dream of locally harvested meat products to our local food systems. 

“Feeding our food shed has been a long road and only possible through the coordinated efforts of many.  My deep thanks for all those who stayed on the path.”  Coco Born in Nova Scotia, Laird Foshay grew up in Palo Alto, California. After college at UCSB, he spent 10 years publishing magazines, including Dr. Dobb’s Journal, the longest continuously published small computer magazine. The next decade he brought investment newsletters to the Web with a startup called INVESTools. After selling that business he “retired” to the ranch and has really never slowed down. Laird can be found doing tractor work in the vineyard, knee deep in a trench repairing irrigation pipes, fixing broken fences, splitting wood or on horseback gathering cattle. He enjoys hunting, riding, BBQing, golf, or just rambling on the ranch with a gun, a dog and plenty of ammo.

Kimberly Pasciuto (www.centralcoastgrown.org) is the Executive Director of the Central Coast Ag Network (CCAN) which works to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable local and regional food system. CCAN is part of the Southern California Good Food Network and participates in the LA Urban Rural Round Table which now defines San Luis Obispo as the northern hub of the food shed of greater Los Angeles. CCAN helps to develop new markets for local agriculturalists through an innovative farm and produce locator website (centralcoastgrown.org) and farm to school programs.

Kim serves on the California Farm to School Task Force and is a member of the Wellness Committee for the Templeton Unified School District.  CCAN also acts as an agricultural incubator by locating un-or under-used government owned land and making it available for food production on various scales from urban farming to community gardens to young farmer programs. A native California with long family history in agriculture and education, Kim has more than 20 years of experience in the artisan food world, and currently runs a retail specialty food shop and café and is co-owner of Skipping Stone Productions, a wholesale food manufacturing and catering business located in Paso Robles.