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David Savage kindly shared his PowerPoint from his presentation on collaboration on April 7. Enjoy!

PDFs of Salinas River Symposium Presentations Now Available


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Central Coast Bioneers is the Bioneers Network Member for the San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County and Monterey County region.

We are committed to capturing the sense of excitement, hope, connection and inspiration that is so much a part of the Bioneers conference tradition. We invite you to be part of a weekend that will change your life.

Why Bioneers:
The Bioneers Conference is a leading-edge forum where you can see tomorrow today: a future environment of hope. Social and scientific innovators focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. These visionaries are already creating the healthy, diverse, equitable and beautiful world we want to live in – our legacy for future generations and the web of life on which our lives depend. You can connect with hundreds or thousands of engaged folks making a real difference.

The Bioneers Network exemplifies the power of local communities to create innovative solutions for healing our world. It is with our neighbors that we can find answers to our community’s needs and truly put democracy into action. The Bioneers Network gives us a venue and empowers us to link arms with a global network of thought-leaders to make change.


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